Reading and writing the address of the loop devices

The JBE-AT1 Programmer is part of the Draco and Lyra series product line. It is used to set the address on detectors, MCPs, addressable modules, sounders...

 LCD display with friendly user interface and numeric keypad

The main function of the tool service is to allow those System installers to set the address of the devices, read their address, and set the operating modes. It also provides diagnostic functions to help installers locate devices in the field once they are connected and installed at their locations.

 Diagnostic functions to facilitate troubleshooting

Diagnostic functions allows you to enable / disable the device LEDs and/or enable/disable equipment outputs by individual or batch devices. The tool is equipped with the necessary cables and a detector base to connect the detector to the programmer.

 Long battery life

An LCD screen will help the user through a friendly user interface based on selectable menu options and thus be able to execute th e different functions through the numeric keypad.

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