Addressable Heat Detector

 Low profile design

JBE-2106 is an addressable heat detector designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection and alarm devices with the JBE loop protocol. This heat detector sends fire alarm signals to the fire panel when the air temperature (or its gradient) reaches the alarm thresholds defined in the European standards EN 54-5.

 This detector features a remote indicator output (requires base JBE-2165)

The detector features three (3) sensitivity profiles: A2R, A2 and A2S. The Draco fire panel allows selecting which threshold to apply to the detector. The day/night programming of the fire panel allows changing the profile automatically at different times of the day or the week.

 3 certified heat sensitivities

The JBE-2106 can also report to the fire panel the temperature curve which can be checked on the fire control panel to assess the impact of site-specific processes near it (i.e., steam release, opening ovens, etc.). Heat detectors are often used to detect fire in places where steam or dust can be present or where non-smoke fires might occur.

Heat rate-of-rise and static detector.

Programmable address with JBE-AT1

EN 54-5 certificate.

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